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The source of the candle and the culture


The candle is a daily lighting tool made of paraffin that burns and shines.
In addition, candles also have important uses in birthday banquets, religious holidays, collective mourning, and red and white events.
In literary and artistic works, candles have the symbolic meaning of sacrifice and dedication.
Burning yourself and illuminating others, even if it is turned into ashes, it must also emit its own light. It means that people who are extremely dedicated are willing to sacrifice themselves and think for others, similar to the meaning of spring silkworm.
People are doing a blessing ceremony, which is a metaphor for a good teacher. Of course, there is also a kind of flame that is dragged in my tears, and the flames see your light and praise my selflessness. I know that it is me who is being burned. It is me who is suffering. In fact, I really want to be selfish and helpless. Until I die and become gray. Spring silkworms spit out the silk for evolution, and I was ignited and burned and praised and contributed. Life is also a lot of contributions. Just like a candle is dusty after it is gray.
Candles originated from the torches of the primitive era. The primitive people applied fat or wax to the bark or wood chips and bundled them together to make a torch for lighting. The beeswax that appeared around the 3rd century BC may be the prototype of the candle seen today. In the West, for a period of time, bees were used in the monasteries to make beeswax, mainly because the Catholic Church believed that beeswax was a symbol of virginity, so that beeswax was regarded as pure light and was worshipped on the altar of the church. . From the existing literature, the time of beeswax produced in China is roughly the same as that in the West. Japan was introduced from China during the Nara period (710-784).
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