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Christmas Gifts - DIY Handmade Candles

Every December, do students have to give a Christmas gift for a headache? Today, teach everyone a simple handmade candle, come and learn.
Making raw materials and utensils:

White petrolatum, paraffin, cotton (selected according to the size of the candle made), dye (to give the candle a variety of colors), mold (using homemade hard cardboard shape more), alcohol lamp, asbestos net, tripod, Beaker (or electric stove), disposable chopsticks for stirring (glass rods are also available), essential oils or spices (for making Scented Candles)


Specific steps:

Making molds Everyone can make full use of the imagination to make molds of various shapes, and seal them with transparent glue at the interface and bottom to prevent leakage of liquid paraffin. Then apply white Vaseline on the inside of the mold and evenly apply it with your fingers. The more you paint, the more convenient it is to release the mold. It is worth noting that it must be sealed first and then white petrolatum, otherwise the transparent gel will lose its viscosity.


Heat paraffin, make wick, add dye, spice
In the first step, the paraffin wax is slowly added according to the amount required to be produced, and the paraffin wax of the beaker is melted to a certain extent and then added;
In the second step, when the paraffin solids are all melted into a liquid, a length of cotton thread (determined according to actual needs) is bubbled into the paraffin liquid, fully soaked, taken out, cooled, and the cotton thread is hardened and cut for a short period of time (the length is better than The height of the mold is 1-2 cm higher);
In the third step, a paraffin liquid suitable for the mold capacity is poured into a glass containing a suitable amount of dye.
Pouring wax This is one of the most patience steps. After fixing the wick with a piece of paper, pour a paraffin liquid of about 5 mm deep into the mold. Wait until it is slightly solidified and continue. When the mold leaks, there is no need to panic. Wait for the liquid to solidify and continue. If you wait too long and then pour in other colors of wax, you can make a layering effect.
After cooling and other paraffin solidification, the mold will not be hot, you can gently press the candle to see if it will not deform to cool. If the weather is cold, put it in a ventilated place. The weather can be put in an air-conditioned room or soaked in cold water for a while. Don't worry, it's best to cool down and demould after a few hours, otherwise the uncooled candle will deform. After cooling, the method of judging whether it is suitable for demoulding is: Observe whether the color of the candle is much lighter than when it is made, or gently touch the top to see if it will sag.

If you use demoulding, you can cut a small mouth and gently tear it down along the small mouth. Use a soft silicone mold to directly push the candle out; use a plastic mold to twist the mold left and right to make the candle Loose, then turn it over and take a shot at the bottom and you should be able to demould. After demolding, you may find that because the Vaseline is not coated enough, the surface of the candle is rough, or the bottom is not flat, resulting in unevenness. At this time, a hot hot wire or a metal spoon handle can be used to roll on the surface of the candle.


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