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    India Rotate Flower Musica Candle
  • Machine Make Music Birthday Candle Factory
    Machine Make Music Birthday Candle Factory
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    various color sprial candles stick candle
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    Hot Sale Birthday Cake Spiral Candles
  • Hot Sell Sprial  Birthday Cake Candle
    Hot Sell Sprial Birthday Cake Candle
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    Long Curve Wave Shaped Birthday Party
  • Color Flame Birthday Candle
    Color Flame Birthday Candle
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    New Product Hatching Unicorn Candle
  • Cake Wedding Wood Wick Soy Wax Candle Wholesale
    Cake Wedding Wood Wick Soy Wax Candle Wholesale
  • Happy Birthday Cone Hat Birthday Cap for Kids
    Happy Birthday Cone Hat Birthday Cap for Kids


Hebei Huaming Laye Limited Company which was established in 2009, is one of the largest candle factory in China, and we have independent rights for import and export. The factory covers an area of 20000 square meters , more than 500 staff, and fixed assets is over 1000 millions USD. More than 10% staff is high quality personnel in aspects of knowledge , technology and management. Based on the philosophy of " Reputation First, Quality First",we won good evaluation from oversea clients and established good long term cooperation with each other. Our company products include solid candle, tealight candle, spiral candle, birthday candle, church candle,led candle and related arts candle, up to now , monthly capacity can be reached about 3000 tons. In order to adapt the market , R&D department continuously makes efforts on the technology innovation,and pattern of new products. Order with supplied sample and OEM can be accepted. We have found a good market in the Europe , America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Hebei Huaming Laye Limited Company wholeheartedly welcome customers clients to visit our factory and negotiate business for sincere cooperation.
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    24 H Online Service No Time Difference.
  • 2009
    We Were Established In 2009.
  • 500
    Our Factory Have More Than 500 Employees.
  • 10000
    More Than 10000 Square Meters Technical R&D Building.
  • When it's hot summer, is it forgotten what the winter is? When the students in the south are frozen into an animal every year, the heated people in the north are always changing their superiors' sense of superiority, eating watermelons and making friends, and taking a look at the space for ice cream. It must be said that there is no gap between heating in the north and the south, which has become an important factor affecting China`s peace and stability. Compared to the expensive heating, the Southern School had a few years ago to rely on two flower pots and two candles to make self-made simple heaters, raising the temperature of a 10-square-meter room within 40 minutes at a very low cost.
    2020-04 07
  • If you have ever bought a scented candle, you must have had such troubles-candles always fail to burn out the beautiful candle pool, and even always smoke, why is this? Today, we will solve all the problems from scented candles for you, let you immediately from entry to mastery. What is the difference between scented candles? Many brands on the market are now making scented candles. The price is quite different, and the difference in ingredients is an important factor. 01 paraffin Among the huge family of scented candles, paraffin is the most common, and because the cost is relatively low, even now, many scented candles still use paraffin as the main component. However, the melting point of paraffin wax is relatively high, it is relatively easy to produce black smoke, and the requirements on the use method are higher. Of course, it does not mean that paraffin is an inferior ingredient, and the progress of the process and the refinement method also makes paraffin also have a higher quality. 02 Soybean wax In addition to paraffin wax, soy wax is also a mainstream component of scented candles. Compared with paraffin wax, soy wax is more resistant to burning and has a lower melting point, and its burning effect is much better than paraffin wax. Compared with paraffin, soy wax does not burn to the skin when it is accidentally dripped onto the skin when burning. In addition, there are many candles that use soy wax and paraffin wax to make the fragrance last longer. If the wax dripping is hot, the proportion of paraffin wax will be a lot. 03 Beeswax
    2020-03 24
  • Aromatherapy candles can not only add fragrance to the room, but also create a romantic atmosphere. More importantly, it also has the effect of soothing sleep. For staying up late, Favia crocodile oil mask and aromatherapy are two great magic aids to sleep. . However, the price of aromatherapy is also expensive, and it is difficult to choose the flavor you like. Today's small class will teach you how to make simple scented candles at home. Prepare materials: Soy wax, candle wick, dried flowers, aromatherapy essential oil, wax melting pot, glass cup, glass stirring rod, alcohol lamp (small induction cooker) The first step: melting wax Add the prepared soybean wax to the wax melting pot, light the alcohol lamp, and heat while melting, stirring. Step 2: Pour into the glass Pour the melted wax into a glass. When melting the wax, pay attention to controlling the temperature not to be too high, and try not to differ from room temperature as much as possible. If the difference from room temperature is too large, it will cause cracks on the wax surface when solidifying and cooling. Step 3: Add essential oils Add an appropriate amount of your favorite essential oil and stir well. Step 4: Insert the wick When the candle has not coagulated, quickly insert the wick, fix it with a hairpin, and wait for it to solidify. Step 5: Decoration Decorate a small amount of dried flowers, avoiding the location of the wick to prevent ignition. This completes the scented candle ~
    2020-03 17
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