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New ways of making and using birthday candles


Most Birthday Candles currently on the market are made of cylindrical surfaces. Usually 6, 12 and 24 pieces. Its disadvantage is that the candle dosage is large, wasteful, easy to pollute, not beautiful and not easy to light. Digital birthday candles avoid the disadvantages of existing birthday candles. Its candle body is a three-dimensional digital structure, beautiful, hygienic and economical and practical. If the product is developed properly, it will be favored by consumers.
Main materials
Wax, cannel, tapered plastic, etc.
2. Production method
The candle system is the same as the current method of making birthday candles, but the shape of the candle body should be made into three-dimensional figures, and the wick should be buried in the candle body.
There is a milky convex top on the top of the candle body. The top can also be used for combustion to ensure that enough burning can be made into disk or concave grains, and can also be engraved on the platform congratulations.
Install a plastic support foot with a conical shape. Instead of a platform and cone, use a flat bottom, as shown in the picture, with a tapered plastic support foot underneath.
Digital birthday candle digital structure can be used for Arabic numerals or Chinese numerals, or other appropriate digital structures, such as Roman numerals. They did the same thing.
3. Use method
When using, choose the right number. Because a single transparent secret holder digital candle can be used. Insert the digital birthday candle into the cake and light the wick. The wax will flow onto the platform without contaminating the cake. After the candle is taken away, less holes are left on the birthday cake, which is not easy to damage the overall beauty of the birthday cake.

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